Virtual VDC
October 13, 2022

Public Health

Doubling Down: Boosting Our Way
Out of the Pandemic
(Or Not)

Paul Offit, MD

Director, Vaccine Education Center
Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

Clubhouse Location:
A Zoom screen near you
Agenda: (all times Eastern time zone)
6:25pm — Grab a beer, soda, or a glass of wine from the fridge and get online
6:30pm — Meeting called to order in the usual way (ear muffs optional)
6:40pm — This is the part where some really excellent science is presented
7:30pm — Q & A
7:45pm — Adjourn, already dreaming of next month's program

Dear Vaccineers,

Boosters have a lot of great uses! Want to hear more about them?

Come to the October meeting of the VDC when Dr. Paul Offit talks to us about booster somethings*….

See you for (virtual) dinner at the Club soon

Your friendly neighborhood Vaccine Dinner Club Goddess

*Spoiler alert … sadly, Dr. Offit is probably not going to talk to us about booster zombies