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New Date & Topic

Virtual VDC
October 13, 2021

The presentation of COVID-19 disease in children;
Pediatric C19 vaccine progress and recommendations

Protecting Our Future:
Covid and Kids


Evan Anderson, MD

Associate Professor, Pediatrics & Medicine
Emory School of Medicine
Principal Investigator
NIAID/Moderna mRNA SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Trial

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Dear Vacciners,
What do you call vaccinated people who live under the same roof with unvaccinated people?


Yep, even as a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey indicates that nearly 3/4 of unvaccinated-by-choice Americans remain resistant to getting the jab (based on the theory that the need for booster shots is proof that the vaccines are not working) there are over 48 million other Americans (aka 'children under 12') for whom getting a vaccine, however desired, isn't an option yet.

Is this a problem? Well … yeah!

To begin with, it turns out that kids CAN get sick from Covid. And a small -- but entirely too large -- number of them have died from it.

And even when kids don't get infected or end up in the hospital, Covid can STILL be a major life upheaval. For example, picture these two conversations likely to happen at the breakfast table:

Before Times
[Cough, Cough] "My throat hurts. Do I have to go to school today?"

[Jabbing kid under the jaw to feel for non-existent swollen lymph nodes]. "Good try. Don't you have a quiz today? GO TO SCHOOL!"

[Cough, Cough] "My throat hurts. Can I please go to school anyway?!"

"Oh my god. TODAY?!? Your school just finally started meeting live again from when that kid Lucifer threw up all over the lunchroom. Where did I put that memo on school policy? When does the testing site open? Don't you have a quiz today? GO GET ON ZOOM!"
[Sends a Teams notice to work colleagues … "I probably won't be in today"].

In short, the Covid war is hell on the home front too.

So, what is the skinny on kids and Covid?

Specifically, what is the burden of COVID-19 disease in children? What happens when kids get sick? Where do we stand on pediatric COVID-19 vaccine trials? What are the current recommendations for vaccinating children and how were they arrived at? Should we trust the established vaccine development and licensure process to keep our kids safe and healthy?

Inquiring minds want to know!!

Are YOU an inquiring mind?

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