Virtual VDC
May 3

Public Health

Microneedles for Microhumans:
Findings from the First Ever Clinical Trial of a Microneedle Patch to Deliver Measles and Rubella Vaccines to Infants and Toddlers

Mark R. Prausnitz, PhD

Georgia Institute of Technology

Sebastien Henry, PhD

Micron Biomedical

Edward T. Clarke, PhD

Medical Research Council
The Gambia

Clubhouse Location:
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Agenda: (all times Eastern time zone)
6:25pm — Grab a beer, soda, or a glass of wine from the fridge and get online
6:30pm — Meeting called to order in the usual way (ear muffs optional)
6:40pm — This is the part where some really excellent science is presented
7:30pm — Q & A
7:45pm — Adjourn, already dreaming of next month's program