Virtual VDC
January 12, 2022

Clinical Science

Malaria and Mosquirix:
The History of History's First Ever Vaccine Against a Parasite


Nelli Westercamp, PhD, MPH

Division of Parasitic Diseases & Malaria
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Clubhouse Location:
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Agenda: (all times Eastern time zone)
6:25pm — Grab a beer, a glass of wine, or a soda from the fridge and get online
6:30pm — Meeting called to order in the usual way (ear muffs optional)
6:40pm — This is the part where some really excellent science is presented
7:30pm — Q & A
7:45pm — Adjourn, already dreaming of next month's program

Dear Vacciners,
Here's to a Happy, Healthy, and Hopeful 2022!

According to, the date of our first VDC meeting of the new year turns out to be a big day in history. For example, on ...

1/12/1528: Gustav I was formally dubbed King and "Father of our Country." Which, in his case, was Sweden.

261 years later his title was officially changed to "The Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather of our Country" in order to prevent 4th graders in Colonial America from confusing Gustav with George Washington.

1/12/1583: Holland began using the Gregorian calendar ... and permanently misplaced 10 days in the process (the calendar jumped from 1/1/1583 to 1/12/1583 overnight).

And you think YOU have a hard time keeping track of what day it is anymore.

1/12/1913: After trying out other pseudonyms, Josef Dzhugashvili settles on "Stalin" (from the Russian for 'Man of Steel') and signed himself that way for the first time in a letter to the newspaper Social Democrat.

Although this would strongly seem to suggest otherwise, extensive historical research has failed to find any definitive proof that Superman actually moonlighted as Stalin.

1/12/1966: "Batman," starring Adam West and Burt Ward, debuted on ABC.

"Holy Birthday Cake, Batman!"

1/12/1967: Dr. James Bedford became the first person in history to be cryonically preserved with intent of future resuscitation.

Having neglected to predict the need to be vaccinated against Covid prior to cryopreservation, Dr. Bedford remains in isolation at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

And finally ....

1/12/2022: Members and guests of the Vaccine Dinner Club meet online to discuss History. Specifically, the history of the recently licensed first ever vaccine against a parasite. One that, in 2020 alone, sickened 241 million people and killed 627,000 (including more than 501,000 children under the age of 5).

Register Now for the Wednesday, January 12 meeting or miss out on your shot at History.

Kimbi Hagen
(Your friendly neighborhood VDC goddess)