January 9

Universal Vaccination Against Influenza?!!: You Be The Judge
Anthony Fiore, MD, MPH, CAPT, USPHS
Medical Epidemiologisit, Influenza Division,
National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Focus: Policy
Attendance: 141

February 6

Gone Fishin': Hagfish, Sea Lamprey, and the Search for Adaptive Immunity
Max Cooper, MD
GRA Eminent Scholar,
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Emory University

Focus: Basic Science
Attendance: 177

March 5

When You Wish Upon a Star: A Tale of India, China, Japanese Encephalitis, and the Birth of a Public Health Paradigm Shift
Julie Jacobson, MD, DTMH
Program Officer, Infectious Diseases Development
Global Health Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Focus: History
Attendance: 162

April 2

What's the Next Step?: A Summary of the 3/25/08 NIH/NIAID Summit on Vaccine Research & Development
Jerry Blackwell, PhD
Bob Chen, MD
Eric Hunter, PhD
Mark Mulligan, MD
Harriet Robinson, PhD

Focus: Policy
Attendance: 223

"May" (April 30)

The Perfect Storm: Poverty, HIV, and the Emergence of XDR TB
Timothy Holtz, MD
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Focus: History
Attendance: 165


Summer Vacation 2007
The VDC Membership!
Wherever there is a vaccine to disseminate, a vaccine preventable disease outbreak to examine, or fun to be had with friends and family -- VDC members will be there in force!

Focus: Rest & Relaxation
Attendance: 1,503

September 17

Through a Glass Darkly: Learning from the Past, Maybe.
William H. Foege, MD, MPH
Fellow, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Emeritus Presidential Distinguished Professor of International Health,
Rollins School of Public Health
Charter Member, Vaccine Dinner Club

Focus: History
Attendance: 605


What's Hot, What's Not: A Summary of the 2008 International AIDS Conference (Mexico City)
Starring VDC Members:
Kristin Dunkle, PhD and Jessica Sales, PhD
To Be (circumcised) or Not To Be (circumcised); That is the Question

Carlos del Rio, MD
What’s Hot in HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Research?

Eric Hunter, PhD
Is it Back to the Drawing Board or Not for Post-STEP AIDS Vaccine Research?

Patrick Sullivan, PhD
You Can Make Numbers Say Just About Anything: What do the New CDC HIV/AIDS Incidence Figures Really Mean?

Focus: Multi-Disciplinary
Attendance: 212


‘Upstairs Downstairs’ or ‘All in the Family?’: Re-envisioning the working relationship between the Innate and Adaptive immune systems
Bali Pulendran, PhD
Professor: Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Investigator: Emory CFAR & Emory Vaccine Center

Focus: Basic Science
Attendance: 281


Towards an AIDS Vaccine: Is it Time for a Devil's Advocate?
Guido Silvestri, MD
Associate Professor, Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology
Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
VDC Foreign Correspondent

Focus: Translational Science, Philosophy
Attendance: 272