Virtual VDC
April 6, 2022

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Policies & Controversies

COVID-19 Vaccines:
Science vs Antiscience

Peter Jay Hotez, MD, PhD

Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine
Baylor School of Medicine

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Agenda: (all times Eastern time zone)
6:25pm — Grab a beer, a glass of wine, or a soda from the fridge and get online
6:30pm — Meeting called to order in the usual way (ear muffs optional)
6:40pm — This is the part where some really excellent science is presented
7:10pm — Q & A
7:25pm — Adjourn, already dreaming of next month's program

Dear Vacineers,
This month TV star and internet sensation Dr. Peter Jay Hotez will anchor our very own Vaccine Dinner Club (Yay!).

When I asked Dr. Hotez to summarize his talk for y'all he wrote back:

"Globally we are seeing a mixed picture vaccinating the world against COVID-19, with a failure to control widespread transmission in Africa and Latin America. I will explore how we advance vaccinations globally and new options for accelerating a low-cost "people's vaccine" for COVID-19. Also the impact of a rising and shifting antivaccine movement, which is now also globalizing. I will discuss how we both address vaccine equity and a rising an aggressive globalizing anti-science empire."

Cool beans!