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*Variolation was a precursor to vaccination and in 1777 General Washington turned the tide of the American Revolution by having his entire army (then wintering at Valley Forge) secretly variolated against smallpox, a scourge that John Adams had two years earlier bemoaned as "...ten times worse than the British, Canadian, and Indians together."

The fear of smallpox was so great during the Revolution that Gen. Washington found it almost impossible to recruit new soldiers, directly engage the (rumored to be infectious) enemy, or force his troops to enter British-held towns where smallpox epidemics were raging.

The variolation at Valley Forge had to be done in secret because soldiers were incapacitated (read: utterly defenseless) for awhile after innoculation and the British forces, had they found out, could have simply marched in and captured the entire American army in one fell swoop, with little resistance.

The gamble worked though and the rest, as they say, is history.

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